EC2 instance with custom ssh key pair



Following howto describes how to build EC2 instance with custom user and corresponding ssh public key.

User will be created:

  • as a member of wheel group
  • with /bin/bash shell
  • ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL sudo rights.


1. Create key pair

To create key pair, execute ssh-keygen command. By default, keys will be created into ./.ssh/ directory


2. EC2 instance deployment

Deploy EC2 instance in standard way. In Step 3, in the bottom paste following script.

Replace name with proper username and public key using previously generated


3. Default key pair


You can still using existing key pairs to allow ec2-user to log in

4. EC2 deployment check

When EC2 instance will be deployed, proceed to test phase

Test Area

5. Establish ssh session using IPv4

obsd$ ssh



6. Establish ssh session using IPv6

obsd$ ssh 2a05:d014:60e:7100:81f0:fe14:570a:e305